The Quantum Realm Experience
The Quantum Realm Experience
Life applications of quantum science



The QRE is a brand that encompasses products, businesses, consultant services, and Virtual Reality (VR) Experiences that promote Quantum Science education as the foundation for understanding reality.





What is the
Quantum Realm?


The Quantum Realm is a physical location built into the three-dimensional mesh of the universe.

It is the area in which the ORIGINAL PATTERNS of the universe form. These patterns define how we think, see, touch, hear, smell, feel and collectively sense. QUANTUM PATTERNS are derived from FORCE INTERACTIONS. These force interactions deform into shapes and exhibit Directional Charge (DC) predispositions of either Attractive or Energetic Force. Just as force interactions define the patterns that manifest in the Quantum Realm, so do force interactions define all of the human experience.


Quantum Pattern Recognition (QPR) is the key to human learning, enlightenment and evolution.

Every one of the Quantum Realm concepts: Shapes, Force Interactions, Directional Charge, Symmetries, Systems, and Oscillation Cycles form the foundation for understanding all of reality. Human behavior, consciousness, self awareness, social interactions, economic systems, psychology, neuroscience, biology, etc., all have origins in QUANTUM PATTERNS.


The QRE's primary mission is to facilitate the education of Quantum Pattern Recognition.



The Book

The Quantum Realm: Philly the Photon

Sebastian is a boy filled with fear of things he cannot explain. When traumatized by a freak electrical storm, he develops a burning need to understand light. That night, he awakens inside a lucid dream, deep within the magical Quantum Realm.

Sebastian finds himself floating in darkness when a fantastical sphere of light takes form right before his eyes. Philly the Photon, a light particle, offers to guide him on a perilous journey through the Quantum Realm.

Sebastian must embark on a journey of self-discovery in pursuit of Grunk the Great Graviton if he is ever to return home. Along the way, he learns to overcome his fears and apply the fundamentals of quantum physics to alter his perspective on self and how he is connected to the very nature of the universe.




The QRE is creating collaborations with VR experience creators to funnel the data that is being collected into organizations that will perform research that focuses on the Greater Good of Humanity and ways to bring about a more healthy, just and equitable society

We focus on utilizing this data to provide insight into correlations between quantum mechanics and Mind Body awareness, Psychotherapies, Whole Health, and Medical research for Neurological and Nervous System regeneration, and to partner with institutes like IONS who are exploring how to tap into latent human potential. 


Anyone that has put on a VR headset will probably tell you how mind-blowing of an experience it is.


Yes, indeed it is a very powerful machine. The human eye funnels billions of data points into the brain. However, the eye can only process a small percentage of the actual number of visual data in any given environment due to the massive amount of photons and electromagnetic waves that permeate it. A VR headset doesn't have this problem. It captures 100% of your eyes abilities to process the limited amount of data coming through the device. 100%! This is both exhilarating and scary. This is why it is considered an 'immersive' experience.

I remember sitting down and experiencing my first Roller Coaster ride in VR. To my complete surprise, as soon as the coaster began speeding up, I began to sway involuntarily. As I pulled through the turns, my body leaned into it as if I was actually trying to counter balance gravity. The ability of VR to reproduce in the mind actual quantum events has led to a serious consideration of the moral and ethical issues associated with VR.

Every headset and experience uses eye tracking software that correlates all the minute eye movements to decision making and body mechanics. The amount of data being collected on us as we have the VR experiences is enormous. 360 Audio adds another layer and as the haptic device industry produces better and more intelligent devices to interact with VR, the amount of data that will be collected will be hundreds of times greater than what is collected on us through Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

What is going to be done with this data? Are we, our government, and corporations going to use it to manipulate us further to believe, purchase, and twist our will through psychological means? Data is king. Corporations spend billions of dollars on pin pointing how to get us to buy what they are selling. Is this wrong or right? That's for you to decide.  As for me, I think it is abused excessively and that data that opens a portal into human behavior should be used for The Greater Good of Humanity.


This data must be used for the greater good of humanity


The QRE is developing VR Content, Experiences, a Quantum Shape Alphabet and Language, and collaborating to develop and promote various projects that focus on:

1) Exploring Latent Human Potential through VR,

2) Conducting VR Research, Therapy, and Training in Mental Health & Healthcare,

3) Creating VR Experiences designed to enhance Mind & Body connections, and

4) How to use VR for the Greater Good of Humanity.


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