The Quantum Realm Experience
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The Quantum Realm Experience
Life applications of quantum science



The QRE promotes Quantum Science education as the foundation for understanding reality. 





What is the
Quantum Realm?


The Quantum Realm is the area in which all of the patterns in the universe originate

Quantum Science can explain the totality of the universe, including human consciousness and behavior. It is by understanding quantum patterns that we find a universal language that explains our existence. It is this language that facilitates incremental progress towards self-awareness, a more comprehensive understanding of the world around us and within us, and a way to comprehend the human experience.

The Quantum Realm is the area in which all of the patterns in the universe originate. These patterns define how we think, feel, touch, see, hear, smell, and collectively sense. 

The QRE's primary mission is to facilitate the education of Quantum Science as a means for understanding relative reality and the human experience.



The Book

The Quantum Realm: Philly the Photon

Sebastian is a boy filled with fear of things he cannot explain. When traumatized by a freak electrical storm, he develops a burning need to understand light. That night, he awakens inside a lucid dream, deep within the magical Quantum Realm.

Sebastian finds himself floating in darkness when a fantastical sphere of light takes form right before his eyes. Philly the Photon, a light particle, offers to guide him on a perilous journey through the Quantum Realm.

Sebastian must embark on a journey of self-discovery in pursuit of Grunk the Great Graviton if he is ever to return home. Along the way, he learns to overcome his fears and apply the fundamentals of quantum physics to alter his perspective on self and how he is connected to the very nature of the universe.




The QRE believes that Virtual Reality is going to transform everyday life just as the internet has.

VR is already used successfully in Mental Health Psychotherapy, simulation training for everything from the International Space Station to surgical procedures, and can a legitimate therapy for Pain Management replacing the need for Anesthesia and Opioid use. 

The potential of VR to create visual educational aids of Quantum Mechanic patterns is extraordinary. The imersiveness of VR has the ability to place an individual in the midst of the Quantum Realm.

The QRE is collaborating on Quantum Realm VR experiences that have the ability to transform our understanding of reality, reduce the barriers of learning Quantum Science, intentionally focuses on using VR for the Greater Good of Humanity, and applying it in ways to bring about a more healthy, just and equitable society


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