Life Applications of Quantum Science

Human nature can only truly be understood by understanding the nature of the universe. Quantum Science is the universal language that provides this understanding. The fundamental patterns that give rise to everything exist in the Quantum Realm and it is here where we must journey to find answers and clarity for the human experience. It is The Quantum Realm where we find the patterns that dictate our very existence.

TheQRE brand is the culmination of several thousand hours of deep thought and research. Thoughts about the nature of self, how the brain/nervous system works, consciousness, collective consciousness, the universe, our place in it, the scientific laws that govern our thought processes, behaviors, existence, the origins of these laws, how we utilize these laws to project ourselves through time, and how these laws define the impact that we have on others, our environment, society, and the nature of the universe. 

Discovering the quantum mechanical properties of the universe has radically changed my life.

My name is Mark A Montgomery and I’m the author of The Quantum Realm: Philly the Photon, and creator of the The Quantum Realm Experience: Life Applications of Quantum Science.

I have attained great clarity from being able to recognize that human behaviors and social interactions are reflections of quantum force interactions. I have developed a deep personal meaning of life and purpose derived through understanding how I share quantum activities with the systems around me, that I am not a stand alone unit, and that I am quantum mechanically connected to everyone and everything through force fields.

The most significant defining moment in my life came when pontificating Einstein’s thought experiement of what the universe would look like while riding on a beam of light.  

I imagined something different. 

I imagined what the universe looks like from the center of an atom? Visualizing this changed everything for me.

What if we can look out into the universe with unrestricted views from any vantage point, including the subatomic? What if we can visually observe the three-dimensional behavior of particles and force interactions?

I believe that this is possible. My theory on Quantum Shape Deformation correlates many existing Quantum theories in a way such that a three-dimensional depiction of quantum space at any given increment of time is able to be visualized and quantized.

It is my belief that Quantum Patterns can be taught through visualization. Our perspective on reality defines our present and future reality and Quantum Patterns are the most fundamental knowledge required in order to accurately perceive our reality. Quantum Pattern Recognition (QPR) can expand the mind in a way that unleashes latent human potentials--mental abilities that lay dormant or are underdeveloped. 

TheQRE brand will serve to facilitate educational opportunities for Life Applications of Quantum Science through the development of curriculum, products, and services that promote Quantum Pattern Recognition (QPR).  I hope that you’ll follow me on a journey into The Quantum Realm as we discover Life Applications of Quantum Science.

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